Welcome to my Poetry Blog

Poetry has been my passion since the third grade. Becoming a decent poet is my life's quest and I hope you stay with me for the ride. Whenever ideas and visions come to my mind, they want to come to life through poetry, and who am I to deny them. Well, without much ado, here is my poetry blog for your enjoyment and frustration.

Ticking Choir

I. I hear the ticking sound of a never-ending choir. I am trapped between its hands, victim to its song; captive to a countless meter— a soundless melody. With each passing note my thoughts begin to wither, while the measured pulse persist in the background, forcing me to keep the Continue Reading


I Mid-embrace I welcome the hairy chest that meets my face. II To shower or not, to boil or leave with my skin, to accept her with a kiss. III 6:45 becomes 6:55 which turns to 7:10, morning begins with his smile. The clock is my friend, the clock brings him to me. IV Do Continue Reading

Writing Poetry

writing poetry

Writing Poetry Requires Dedication Writing poetry can be an unexpected occurrence. I could be driving or in the middle of a conversation with someone and a verse will come to me demanding attention. The moments I enjoy the most are when I'm already in bed, warm under the covers, and the draft of a Continue Reading